Taking this site out of hibernation

I haven’t updated this website in approximately four years, ever since the publication of my first book and my move to GWU. In the intervening four years, I’ve published articles, given public talks, and written a ton of blog posts. All of that scholarly activity probably ought to be on my professional website. I intend […]


Updates: Book Review, Book Chapter, and Book Tour

Three updates: 1. Paul Starr reviewed The MoveOn Effect, along with Schlozman, Verba, and Brady’s The Unheavenly Chorus and Winters’s Oligarchy in the September 13th issue of The New Republic.  It’s a real honor to see my work placed alongside such excellent scholarship. 2. I wrote a chapter on the netroots in the 2010 election for Paul Hrrnson, Chris Deering, […]

Updates: My Book, George Washington University, and #PDF12

Three important updates for visitors to this site. First, my book The MoveOn Effect: The Unexpected Transformation of American Political Advocacy (Oxford University Press) is now available for purchase.  You can buy it through Amazon or directly through the publisher. Second, I will be starting a new position this fall, as Assistant Professor of Political Communication at […]

New Publication in Policy & Internet, “Looking Beyond Clicktivism”

My first article based on the Membership Communications Project dataset has just been published as the lead article in Policy & Internet, an online journal published by Berkeley Electronic Press and Oxford Internet Institute. The article is titled “Online Political Mobilization from the Advocacy Group’s Perspective.”  The article challenges the”clicktivism” critique of online organizing, as […]

Berkman Luncheon Presentation

I had the opportunity to present some of my research at the luncheon series at Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society.  For those who are interested in an updated version of my “MoveOn Effect” argument, the video is available on their site.  You can also get a quicker overview by checking out the power […]

New Research Posted

I presented two papers at the APSA conference last weekend.  The first (at the Political Communication Preconference) was a report on the “Membership Communications Project,”  which is a dataset of 2,162 advocacy group emails, compiled over a 6 month time period.  The second was a paper called “Beyond Citizen Journalism” which uses the Weigelgate controversy […]

Book Chapter in “Digital Activism Decoded”

An excerpt from my book chapter in Digital Activism Decoded is now up on the meta-activismsite.  The chapter is titled “Measuring the Success of Digital Campaigns” and is written for an audience of digital activism practitioners rather than academics (translation: very little literature review + some relatable personal stories from my days as an environmental organizer). The […]

New Position(s) for 2010-11

I’m thrilled to announce that, beginning in September 2010, I’ll be joining the faculty of the Rutgers School of Communication and Information as an Assistant Professor in the Journalism and Media Studies Department. Additionally, I’ll be joining the Yale Information Society Project as a Visiting Fellow for the 2010-11 schoolyear. Finally, I’ve joined the strategy […]