Conference Papers and Published Works

Published Works

March 2008. “Measuring Influence in the Political Blogosphere: Who’s Winning and How Can We Tell?” Institute for Politics Democracy and the Internet’ Politics and Technology Review.  pps 33-41

December 2008.  “Understanding Blogspace.”  Journal of Information Technology and Politics.  Volume 5, Issue 4.  Routledge Press.  Pps 369-395

Book review, January 2009.  “Book Review: Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life, and Beyond: From Production to Produsage.”  Journal of Information Technology and Politics.  Volume 6, Issue 1.  Routledge Press.  Pps 81-83

May 2010. “Macaca Moments Revisited… Electoral Panopticon or Netroots Mobilization?Journal of Information Technology and Politics. Special Issue on YouTube and the 2008 Election. volume 7, no 2. Pps 143-162.

September 2009. “Blogosphere Research: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Rapidly Changing SystemsIEEE Intelligent Systems. Volume 24, Number 5.  Pps 67-70.

June 2010. “Measuring Success of Digital Campaigns.” Book chapter, Mary Joyce, ed. Digital Activism Decoded: The New Mechanics of Change. IDebate Press.

December 2010. “Online Political Mobilization from the Advocacy Group’s PerspectivePolicy & Internet Volume 2, Issue 4, Article 2.

January 2011. “Implications of the Mobile Web for Online/Offline Reputation Systems” IEEE Intelligent Systems, Special Issue on “Society Online: Best Papers from the Websci’09 Conference”. Volume 26, Issue 1.

September 2011. “Open Source Political Community Development: A Five Stage Adoption Process.” Journal of Information Technology and Politics. Volume 8, Issue 2/3, pp. 323-345.

March 2012. “Social Science Research Methods In Internet Time” Information, Communication, and Society. (Online First version)

Conference Papers

The Superdelegate Transparency Project and the New Rules of Latent Group Activation: A Comparison of the 1984 and 2008 Contested Democratic Primaries.” Presented at International Studies Association Annual Convention, New York City. February 16, 2009. [current status: “Revise and Resubmit” at Perspectives on Politics]

Stability and Change in the Blogosphere in the 2008 Election.”  Presented at Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL. April 2009.

The MoveOn Effect: Disruptive Innovation within the Interest Group Ecology of American Politics.” Presented at the Democracy, Citizenship, and Constitutionalism Annual Conference, University of Pennsylvania, May 1 2009.

Don’t Think of an Online Elephant: Explaining the Dearth of Conservative Political Infrastructure in America.” Presented at the 4S Annual Meeting, October 29, 2009. (updated version of the “All the Dogs that Didn’t Bark” paper presented at APSA 2009.)

Advocacy Group Involvement in the 2008 Democratic Presidential Primary.” Presented at the 2010 MPSA Annual Meeting.  Chicago, IL. April 23, 2010.

Advocacy Group Activity in the New Media Environment (Preliminary Report)” Presented at the 2010 Political Networks Conference.  Duke University.  May 2010.

Advocacy Group Activity in the New Media Environment (Full Report)” Presented at the 2010 APSA Political Communication Preconference. George Washington University. September 2010.

Beyond Citizen Journalism: Weigelgate, JournoList, and America’s Shifting Media Ecology ” Presented at the 2010 APSA Convention. Washington DC. September 2010.

The Dissertation

Unexpected Transformations: The Internet’s Effect on Political Associations in America.” Defended and submitted, June 2009.

Class Syllabi

Syllabus – The Internet and Public Policy (Brown University) Fall 2009.

Syllabus – Media, Government and Politics (Rutgers University) Fall 2010.


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