Upcoming conference presentations

I’ll be presenting a whole slew of new work this spring.

April 23rd I’ll be presenting a paper on interest group endorsements in the 2008 Presidential Primary at the Midwest Political Science Association annual meeting.

May 6th and 7th I’ll be at the Politics of Open Source conference at UMass-Amherst, presenting a theory-building piece on online community-of-interest formation (redeveloped from chapter 2 of the dissertation).

May 20th and 21st I’ll be at the Political Networks Conference at Duke, presenting the preliminary version of a new data collection project that gathers and analyzes email appeals from a large set of the progressive advocacy groups.  The email analysis will eventually have 6 months of data, whereas I’ll be presenting at Duke based on the first 3 months of data collected.

I’ll post the conference papers to this site once they’re polished.  As always, comments and suggestions appreciated.


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