Upcoming conference presentations

I’ll be presenting a whole slew of new work this spring. April 23rd I’ll be presenting a paper on interest group endorsements in the 2008 Presidential Primary at the Midwest Political Science Association annual meeting. May 6th and 7th I’ll be at the Politics of Open Source conference at UMass-Amherst, presenting a theory-building piece on […]

Free copies of “Understanding Blogspace” now available

The publisher of Journal of Information Technology and Politics has decided to make the top 5 most-downloaded articles of 2009 available for free here. As the copyright is held by Taylor and Francis, I have only included a link to the firewalled informaworld page for my “Understanding Blogspace” article through this site.  Thanks to everyone […]

Firedoglake book salon on Matthew Kerbel’s “Netroots”

On Sunday, November 1st, I moderated a book salon discussion of Matthew Kerbel’s Netroots: Online Progressives and the Transformation of American Politics.  Professor Kerbel and I served on a panel together this summer at Netroots Nation, and I highly recommend his book. I’d like to thank Professor Kerbel, Beverly Wright, and the FireDogLake community for the […]

New Publication: “Blogosphere Research: A Mixed-Methods Approach to Rapidly Changing Systems”

Special thanks to Professor Hsinchun Chen, Associate Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Intelligent Systems, for the invitation to contribute to their forum on “trends and controversies in AI, E-government, and Politics 2.0.” The short piece was published in the September/October 2009 issue (volume 24, number 5) and a PDF is available here and on my “conference papers […]

A Word About Academic Blogging

For the past year and a half, I have been an occasional contributor to an academic blog, Shouting Loudly.  Below this post are links to a few of my entries at that site.   I view academic blogging as an opportunity to share early ideas with my fellow researchers, encouraging more open discourse.   Weblogs are […]


Welcome to my professional homepage.  Updated copies of my CV, published articles, and working papers are all available through this site.  I also contribute to an academic blog (Shouting Loudly),and post the data from an ongoing blogosphere analysis project at Blogosphere Authority Index. For the 2009-2010 schoolyear, I will be a Postdoctoral Research Associate at […]